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Ok. So i saw people doing this, so i thought, why not?

Well lets see, I joined deviantart about three years ago now. My friend Kas-the-Cat told me about it and i wanted to join too.
I didnt start posting anything before about a month or two after i joined. It was really fun to see people compliment my art and like it.

I decided that i was going to be really good at drawing one thing. I wathced spirit one night and then it hit me; horses, i am going to master the art of drawing horses!

Another drawing of Rain from Spirit by Meme00

This is one of the oldest art pieces in my gallery`s featured section, and as you can see it is Rain from spirit, ofcourse... 
I remember being so proud of it because it actually looks pretty good compared to the other drawings back there.

I was very naive back then and i believed everything people said. I started drawing for others and not myself and i lived of the comliments. My style where just horrible, no anatomy focus at all and i only drew horse heads
nr. 1.A gift :) by Meme00
nr. 2for Alicetiger by Meme00

Yes, my style got worse. I didn`t want to take critisism and i just continued doing my own thing. I got friends here and i always came to this site. It was fun to draw and just talk to other people.

I eventually found out that i was going to try improve my art and draw full bodies and focus more on anatomy and shading, and also other things than just horses. I think my art has come a long way honestly, but i couldn`t have done it without all these wonderfull people that always where here with me. 

I got good friends here, i met my best friend here, and i am so thankfull for that. She is the most amazing person i have ever met and i am so happy to have her in my life. I have also met tons of other wonderfull people here on deviantart that means so much to me. 

TRISTITAm by Meme00 Uh by Meme00

Just two kinda recent pictures i want to show. This is because of you guys. Without you guys i would never have been able to draw like this. like look at this. I made this. It might not be the most perfect and amazing art out there, but damn i made this and i am pretty damn proud of that.

I am so happy to have this website and that i have been allowed to meet lots of wonderfull artists here and get help to become a better artist.

Rei ~ :heart:

*cough*i am ofcourse totally not doing this only for the awesome badge*cough*


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digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK :iconcarameldansenplz:

my name: Reidun
Age: 16 (rly 15 tbh)
birthday: 24.september
Im from Norway. C:

Those awesome Deviantart friends: (in random order)
:iconredbell9: :iconflawless-brony: :iconlolfactoral2: :iconsandie-melody: :iconlightningxwisper: :iconhronawmonstamer::iconbeckyeboo:


have a bunch of supernatural:
:iconohyoucasplz: :iconcastielfacepalmplz: :iconmegustacastiel: :iconletmehugyouplz: :iconsupertighthugplz: :icontoopreciousplz: :iconimsodoneplz: :iconspnlolplz: :iconbitchymooseplz: :iconsumplz:

then some:
:iconcryforeverplz: :iconlazycryplz: :icondatassplz: :iconspazattackplz: :iconoldschoolownedplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconlolpedobearplz:

thoose icons are so awesome. damn.

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Nakenrotter Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ser du på Supernatural? ;o;
Meme00 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist
Jepp :3
Jay-Ruth Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the favorite! :heart:
gyngercookie Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
*hugs you till you esplode* :tighthug:
thank-you so much ; w ;
Meme00 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist
Ofcourse! It was the least i could do :huggle:
TheNaruparu Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thanx for the watch :D
TheNaruparu Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
haha, æ visst ikke at cosplay va en greie før æ fikk mæ vænna som også likt anime x3 
og fanjt ikke ut om con før 1 år etter d ijænn x3
men d e nokk ganske stort cosplay miljø i norge, sånn som æ har sjett på desucon, banzaicon og torucon (og alle andre con) :3
ja (y) finn på flere unnskyldninga for å cosplay x3 fær du på nånn con?
Meme00 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist
Ops, hakke sett replien din før no!!! Svart vesst på din egen kommentar. 
Samme her, når æ endelig fikk mæ en venn som likt d samme fant æ mer ut om d, og d e jo perfekt for mæ d hehe x3
æ hakke vært på nå cons enda, men har tenkt mæ på Torucon sammen med nånn venna t sommers.
fortsatt ikke sikker på ka æ ska cosplay, men utrolig frista t å cosplay Dean fra spn. Trur æ kan 'pull it off' ganske bra om æ legg nok arbeid i d. :3
TheNaruparu Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
nice :3 super fan av supernatural :3 ska sjøl på torucon ^^ ska vær glados i meneske versjon en av dagan ^^
Meme00 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist
Ofcourse! ^u^

utrolig bra cosplays! :D
var det ikke du som var i Trondheim på 17.mai i Torucon toget? Så det på Tv hehe.
Syntes Aoba cosplayet ditt er utrolig bra btw :3
(Kjenner til dmmd gjennom ei venninne som er stor fan xD)
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